Penang Hill is a truly unique place, rich in biodiversity, heritage and culture. You will get to know Penang Hill better by visiting this gallery to learn about the funicular history and its uniqueness in addition to fostering awareness on the importance of conserving and preserving the Hill’s heritage.



Student Excursion Programme : Learning about Penang Hill's heritage can be exciting. This student package, run by NatureWalks & Nature Green Farm at Penang Hill, will have the students explore the UNESCO Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve, history and culture of the hill’s early settlers through a fun and interactive activity, including a visit to the new attraction on the hill -- Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff -- a must-stop to know Penang Hill.

Any group visits from schools, universities, government, embassies, or the private sector are required to provide advance notification of their visit by sending a written letter via email at least 7 days before the intended date.

Written letters can be emailed to



Perjalanan melalui Setiap Sudut Edgecliff

Alami segala pameran yang sedang berlangsung di seluruh Banglo Edgecliff yang gah berdiri dengan melayari laman web rasmi Bukit Bendera dan memperolehi tiket secara dalam talian.


Baca risalah yang padat maklumat ini dan ketahui lebih lanjut tentang segala yang ditawarkan oleh Edgecliff. E-pamplet penerangan ini akan memberikan anda maklumat yang mencukupi mengenai catatan peristiwa Bukit Bendera.


Soalan Lazim

Soalan Anda, Kami Jawab

Waktu Operasi Gallery@Edgecliff Bukit Bendera

Apakah Waktu Operasi Gallery@Edgecliff Bukit Bendera

Gallery@Edgecliff Bukit Bendera dibuka setiap hari (kecuali hari Selasa) dari jam 9.00 pagi hingga 5.00 petang.

Ticket Price and Payment of Entrance Tickets to Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff

How much is the ticket price to Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff?

Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff

Are we allowed to eat and drink inside?

Visitors are not allowed to bring food and beverage in.


Where is Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff located?
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Is there a place to eat at Penang Hill Gallery@Edgecliff?

The Rooftop, open Thursdays to Mondays, 10.0am to 3.30pm, serves pastries and chocolates, fresh sandwiches and salads, as well as coffee, tea and fruit juices. Outside food and drink are not permitted, except personal water bottles.